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The unique style of landscape art lighting can not only improve people's living environment, but also increase the economic effect brought by tourism. Make the night more artistic

What should be paid attention to when installing die casting outdoor ceiling lamp? What do we need to pay attention to when installing column landscape lights or custom modeling landscape lights?

1.What we need to pay attention to is whether the location of the landscape lamp post is suitable. First of all, we must choose a landscape lamp that matches the current environment. Secondly, we need to pay attention to the size of the landscape lamp and the installation location. In addition, the installation location cannot affect the later use of the site and the environment. If the installation area is not large enough, you do not need to choose a large landscape lamp and choose a landscape lamp post of a corresponding size;

2.It is necessary to make the corresponding foundation according to the size of the garden landscape lamp post. If the cement foundation is fixed with expansion screws or the anchor bolts are pre-buried, the foundation of the anchor cage is pre-buried, etc. Large-scale landscape lamp posts must be pre-buried. Bury the foundation, and if the height of the landscape light is less than 3 meters and the site environment allows it, it can be fixed by direct expansion screws, and the screws must be fixed firmly during installation to avoid unnecessary safety risks;

3.It should be noted that it is very troublesome to change the power and voltage if the pre-installed voltage does not match the voltage of the landscape lamp body;

4.It is necessary to pay attention to the safety of landscape light installation. If it is a more complex modeling landscape light, we should ask the manufacturer to cooperate with the installation guide or provide installation instructions and operation manuals.

5.After installing the landscape lights, the wiring must be insulated to avoid unnecessary safety losses caused by leakage.

6.The light color of the main garden landscape lighting is required. If the installed lighting is too bright or too dark, it may affect the entire environment and reduce the effect and grade of the landscape lighting.

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